We offer the full range of testing equipment and accessories for the quality control of wood pellets. In our assortment you will find selected, customer fitted test equipment, which comply to international standards.

In 2009 we set new standards with the development of our mechanical durability series TUMBLER: we offer the best value testing device that complies with the ISO 17831-1 (EN 15210-1) and the industrial safety, worldwide.

Together with our customers, we develop in addition to the components on the market, individual solutions on specified request.

Tumbler 1000R geschlossen sk  BEA Ofen k  muffle furnance PelletVision  BEA 110 1 k  
 ABS 80 4N k Pelletssackwaage k  Messschieber FG k  20 9001 FG     
Bulk density cylinder sieb k