The 3,15 mm round hole sieve is necessary for the screening operation/separation of the fine fraction for the determination of mechanical durability of pellets, or for the determination of the fine fraction of single pellets batches and/or pellets bags. The diameter of the sieve is sized for a good handling of the material during determination.

Sieve 3,15 mm

We offer mesh wire sieves according to ISO 3310-1 and round hole sieves according to ISO 3310-2 with different heights and diameters. Available are all standard mesh sizes and round hole dimensions, as well as standardized sieve sets. 

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Recommended accessories: Sieve shaker RP 20



Corresponding to the mesh wire and round hole sieves we offer lids and pans in different heights and diameters. 

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Sieb Platte k

The sieve template according to ISO / NP 5370 for sieves with 400 mm Ø consists of a 14 mm thick wooden board with a hole (Ø 560 mm in the centre), mounted on a base plate with the same dimensions. The plate is used to guide the sieve during the sieving process in order to ensure that the sieve moves evenly. The inner smooth circle can be made even more slippery by using technical lubricant if necessary. The sieve template must be secured to the workplace (table), e.g. by screws (4 holes are pre-drilled) or screw clamps.