Procedure / application:

BEA CERT offers the possibility to certify products and processes, i.e. to certify conformity by an impartial third party. Thus, this activity is strictly separated from other assessment activities such as testing and evaluation. As a certification body, we are committed to independence and therefore we are not abe to provide consultancy.

Certification process:

  • You submit the application for certification by filling out this form
  • Your application will be checked. Submission of an offer based on your information and signing of a certification contract.
  • Inspection / audit of your facilities or activities by our inspectors recognized by ENplus®. Checking whether your product or process meets the requirements defined in the certification program.
  • After a positive inspection (usually including a laboratory test), a conformity report is created, which is sent to the responsible ENplus® management (EPC or national body).
  • Assignment of the ENplus® ID by the responsible ENplus® management (EPC or national body).
  • If all requirements are met, you will receive a certificate from BEA CERT and will be listed with your individual certificate number in the BEA CERT certificate overview on our website.


Certificates issued by BEA CERT:

BEA CERT regularly publishes the currently valid, suspended and revoked certificates here as .pdf file for download. This means that the public has the opportunity to check whether a BEA CERT certificate is valid. The certificates themselves can be requested from the certificate holder.


List of certificates